Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Schmunday

Be aware posting your prized thrifted items on a community in Livejournal. Some person may just come and put a cloud over your sunny day! I had bought, what I thought, was a handmade sign and a handmade ceramic ewer and I used the word "handmade" to describe them.


the sign looks like a standard silk screened souvenir from the 90s printed on thick particle board. the bar did exist at one point.

the ceramic thing looks like a ceramic pitcher from a mold.

am welcome to any photographic evidence that supports your claims that they're anything else."

Cue me going o.O What a d-bag. I responded that I didn't know the items were silkscreened and made from a mold.

welcome to thrifting.

part of the learning process on the way to becoming a skillful and discerning thrifter is asking why the object is there in the store/garage sale in the first place.

ask yourself "would this make a good heirloom?" or "could i re-gift this upon somebody older than me and would they value it?" or "when i'm tired of this, or when the house is full of stuff like this, can i sell it on ebay?"

part of the reason that thrift stores are better than dollar stores is that they often (but not always) have items of quality - not made of plastic, not another tacky owl cookie jar (although i guess hipsters still buy those on ebay), something that if it broke, it was meant to be repaired and not discarded."

Again, cue me going o.O WTF? Let me say, I disagree with this users' "learning process" of thrifting. What I wanted to say was said by another user: "
lol wow. i don't want to start anything but you sound like a snob and thrifting should not have to be taken so seriously."

I agree with this second user. Thrifting should be fun. Who cares about an item's resale value on Ebay? Who cares about regifting it? (Do people regift stuff? "Oh, this vase just doesn't work anymore, I'll give it to Lisa for Christmas!" Regifting is tacky, people!) Who cares about if it would make a good heirloom? If you have to ask yourself the above three questions, you are in the wrong store. You should be in an antique store (which would have items of higher quality and value) and not in a thrift store.

I think that's the last time I will actually post to that community. I will comment, but as far as posting? No way.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Schednesday

Ah, back in the world of blogging. My day-trip to Atlantic City was fantastic! I had hoped to go to one thrift store there, but twelve hours goes by quick! However, I won $20.00! My mother and I checked out the Steel Pier (very amazing), Ripley's Believe It or Not! Musuem (very awesome), and of course, CASINOS (Tropicana's, The Showboat, Trump Taj Mahal).

I got back to Virginia at about 6:30 in the morning on Sunday. And what did I do? I went thrifting, of course! I really must stop buying books from thrift stores; I am buying them faster than I can read them!

What do you buy too much of at thrift stores? Me? I buy a lot of books and wall art. You?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Schmiday

I was out of work due to being sick on Wednesday and for a little bit on Thursday. I came in through my door and came to the realization that I have way too much art hanging in my apartments' main room. On Thursday, I took all the (for the most part thrift store) art down and said to myself "what the hell am I going to do with this all?" I re-arranged a lot of the art, but I removed almost all the art in wood frames from the room (and trust me, those were some of my favorite pieces). Before, there was a lot of wood tones, all competing with one another. Now, a lot of the art is in black frames, is colorful, and actually goes with my wood furniture. I have re-arranged the pieces that are on my wood stand and my wood entertainment center. I am not done, as I still have to deal with a black desk and a black bookcase in my room. There is also the issue of what art I want to put on the wall where my computer is. So far, it looks a lot more colorful and a lot less cluttered now that the art in the wood frames has been removed (if I only had a two bedroom apartment, the second bedroom would house those wonderful masterpieces!).

Tomorrow, I am off to Atlantic City, NJ with my mother. Let's hope tropical storm/depression Danny doesn't bring too much bad weather because I want to walk the Steel Pier!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Schmuesday

Thrift Horror is a great LiveJournal community where members post pictures of bad/unusual/wacky thrift store items. I have posted there twice with my own horrors.

This my own personal favorite horror. I spotted this at the Disabled American Veteran's thrift store for $25. I went back a few weeks later and it was marked down to $20. A few weeks after that, it was gone. I am sad. My parents were going to buy it for me for Christmas (unless, they are the ones who purchased it...). Can you imagine the conversations about this piece of art?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Schmunday

I went thrifting today as I don't work on Mondays (yay!). I have two little stories to share with you, one good, the other bad.

There is a thrift store on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News, VA called Youth Challenge. As with every thrift store, there are pros and cons. One pro? There is a TON of merchandise. One con? No prices on anything. Let me just note, I had been in this store a few months prior and did not buy anything because a sign said "God Sets the Prices" and something to the effect of " don't haggle." Today, my mother and I ventured in this store and go into the "warehouse" section of it, where all the furniture and knick-knacks are. It looked as though this store had been renovated. The only sign I saw said "All merchandise in warehouse must be purchased at the register." After about a half hour of looking, I had two items with me:

This painting was marked at $2

This little ceramic figurine was marked $.50.

I go up to make my purchase and the lady behind the register says "I'll give these to you for $4." I give her a look and that is when I notice a sign (that is hung below the register podium thing) that says something to the effect of "Due to all the things we receive, we don't have time to take off others' price stickers, so all items will be priced at the register." I raise my eyebrows, give her this annoyed/exasperated look, and let out a sigh. Then she says "but I will give it you you for $2.50 this time." Well, I would hope so, lady! Maybe you should make more signs and hang them around the store! I leave with my items and vow never to return there. If you love looking at things, then go here. However, if there is a price sticker on any item, don't expect them to honor it!

I will close my post today with a good story. The Rescue Mission is another thrift store on Jefferson Avenue. There are also no prices on items, but you are ALWAYS going to get a good deal. Like, today, I bought the following for $2.10:

A little vase with an angel boy on it.

Five pieces of art!

If you want to buy a lot of things, but may be short on money, GO TO THE RESCUE MISSION!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Schmundy

I spend my weekends going to thrift stores. One of these days, I will share my favorite thrift finds. Today, I shall show you a before and after I just completed.

Take some left-over fabric from a previous project:

Take a lamp shade from a thrifted lamp:

I'm not sure if the picture shows it, but this shade is made up of thin blue and white lines.

Cover lamp shade with fabric (by use of glue and tape... heh...):

Put completed shade on a lamp I bought for $5 at a thrift store:

Stand back and admire my work!